"Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters."

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"Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters."

Post by bindeweede »

The president’s alliance with religious conservatives has long been premised on the contention that he takes them seriously, while Democrats hold them in disdain. In speeches and interviews, Trump routinely lavishes praise on conservative Christians, casting himself as their champion. “My administration will never stop fighting for Americans of faith,” he declared at a rally for evangelicals earlier this year. It’s a message his campaign will seek to amplify in the coming weeks as Republicans work to confirm Amy Coney Barrett—a devout, conservative Catholic—to the Supreme Court.

But in private, many of Trump’s comments about religion are marked by cynicism and contempt, according to people who have worked for him. Former aides told me they’ve heard Trump ridicule conservative religious leaders, dismiss various faith groups with cartoonish stereotypes, and deride certain rites and doctrines held sacred by many of the Americans who constitute his base.
https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/ar ... rs/616522/
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Re: "Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters."

Post by Tony.Williams »

No surprise.

I don't think that his base cares about his religious beliefs, or anything much else, as long as he stacks the Supreme Court with right-wing Christians who will vote for what they want.
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Re: "Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters."

Post by chaggle »

... and Hillary Clinton when she had pneumonia... ;)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT-LfVl ... essInsider
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