Flat Earthers Cruise To ‘The Edge Of The World’ .

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Flat Earthers Cruise To ‘The Edge Of The World’ .

Post by bindeweede » Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:20 am

The news is a few weeks old, but the Flat Earth Society ideas aren't.
And now, the Flat Earthers are finally going out on a mission to prove their point. They are planning a cruise to reach the edge of the Earth and finally get to those ‘secret’ ice walls surrounding the edge of the Earth. Their adventure is scheduled for 2020 as per their website. This might be their ultimate shot at proving that the Earth is flat. While many of the details about the date and other aspects of this event are still pending, the Flat Earth Society claims that it would be one of the bravest adventures to date. However, there is an irony attached to this great scheme.
Could be an interesting holiday idea for 2020??

https://www.physics-astronomy.org/2019/ ... se-in.html

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