Nutrition study

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Nutrition study

Post by chaggle » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:40 am

In The Mail unfortunately but exclusively so at the moment so it'll have to do. ... -like.html
Revealed in a landmark study with findings that could revolutionise the diet industry: Twins who prove why some of us pile on weight while others can eat what they like!
Despite the headline weight gain/loss is barely mentioned. Rather it concentrates on how the changes in the body's chemical response to various foods (and other stimuli like exercise) vary from person to person.

Also that there are factors other than genetics involved as some of the testing was performed on identical twins.

I've always been interested in why some people put on weight if they look at a biscuit but others stuff themselves with donuts and crisps yet stay stick thin. Hopefully this huge survey will clear that up but we'll probably have to wait for a more heavyweight abstract.

Also, the two young ladies around who the article is based look far from identical to me.

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Re: Nutrition study

Post by Tony.Williams » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:50 pm

There's a lot of genetic research into this field at the moment, reported in the New Scientist from time to time.

The most striking example of the effect of exercise I've seen concerned twin girls, both of whom took up gymnastics; one of them dropped it after a while, but the other continued training hard to reach a high level. The side-by-side view of them both aged 16 was amazing: the one who had given up was entirely normal, with a sexually mature body, while the gymnast looked no more than 12, being much shorter and smaller-framed and apparently pre-pubescent.

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