Do Facemasks Work?

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Do Facemasks Work?

Post by bindeweede »

A recent article from Steven Novella, with comments from Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation.
So here, then, is my bottom line. Sure, wear face masks whenever you are out in public or have to be exposed to other people – but wear the mask properly, don’t touch or adjust it, don’t take it off or lower it even briefly. Further, understand this is only modest protection. It may statistically help reduce the spread of the pandemic, but it is not total protection. So you still have to adhere to strict recommendations to avoid spread – physical distancing and hand washing being the most important. Also, if you are sick, you can apparently cough the virus through your mask, so still cough into your elbow and not at other people or onto the environment. But most importantly, if you think you may be sick, self-isolate. A mask is not adequate protection for others.

So wear the mask properly, but act as if the mask does not work. ... asks-work/

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Re: Do Facemasks Work?

Post by Tony.Williams »

I imagine that facemasks have another consequence - nullifying those facial recognition systems...

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Re: Do Facemasks Work?

Post by chaggle »

OH keeps making masks out of things like socks and T-shirts.

I don't really know why - she hasn't been within 5 metres of anyone for about two months.

I do the shopping and so on. If she tried to make me wear one of her creations I would - until I'm round the corner out of sight.
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con

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Re: Do Facemasks Work?

Post by Matt »

I can accept that the benefits of wearing a face mask increase with training but if so, how much training is required? Will a simple 5 minute instructional video suffice or are many days of theoretical study and physical practice required before mask wearing approaches optimal efficiency?

Seems to me that it's the former.

Here's an example of what appear to be complete instructions ... face-mask/

So the great barrier isn't that it's difficult provide training but the sad fact that the average person is somewhat disinclined towards learning and that half the population are even less inquisitive.

Call me cynical but if even our leaders can't see the value in taking 2 minutes to figure out which way up to wear a mask, what hope is there for society at large?


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