Masks (again)

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Masks (again)

Post by chaggle »

I have sympathy with those who can't wear masks for whatever reason.

IME the huge majority of people wear them where they should - shops and pubs for instance - but a few don't.

I fully accept that some can't wear them - people with asthma for example - but I know for a fact that some don't just because they don't want to - or feel they shouldn't be compelled to.

All they have to say when asked is 'I'm exempt' and that's it - they won't be challenged in most situations (except for my mate who is a tattoo artist - he just tells them to feck off out of his studio and they do).

This issue is causing a problem in our local where a few lads come in from time to time and simply say they are exempt. Everyone knows that they are not - they're just wankers.

So - can some of the people who can't wear masks wear visors instead?

Also - why do I sometimes see people - maybe a family of four (Mum, Dad, two kids) or a couple shopping - none (or only one) of whom are wearing masks?

OK, I can accept that the whole lot of them to might be unable wear masks, but why do the whole lot of them have to go shopping? It shouldn't take more than one person to do the shopping - it's not a social event.

Surely anyway these people should be avoiding shops and so on if they have health problems anyway.

ETA I accept of course that there may be some circumstances where people do have to shop together - my problem is where they do it simply because they want to.
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Re: Masks (again)

Post by Tony.Williams »

I have read one report to the effect that the usual visors are of very little use compared with an effective mask (and masks apparently vary a lot in effectiveness.

There's a lot of work going into transparent face masks, which greatly helps people with hearing problems who can lip-read. Anyway, I think it is generally more acceptable to be able to see someone's face when you are holding a discussion. Something like this could be good: ... r-protect/
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