"You really want that?"

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"You really want that?"

Post by Tony.Williams » Thu May 11, 2017 9:07 pm

We've all heard those stories about how the Scots love unhealthy eating so much that they don't regard vegetables or salads as fit for human consumption.

Well, I've just been in Scotland with my BH and we ordered a Wetherspoons meal, herself specifying something or other on a bed of rocket. Meal duly arrived, without the rocket. The omission was pointed out to the waitress, who was surprised enough to consult the menu carefully before admitting that it did indeed say that. We helpfully informed her that rocket was a kind of green leaf. Quoth she, with a distinct note of incredulity, "you really want that on your food?"

It turned out that they had no rocket in stock anyway, and could only manage a few pathetic-looking lettuce leaves.

Isn't it comforting when prejudices are confirmed? :rofl

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Re: "You really want that?"

Post by chaggle » Fri May 12, 2017 9:02 am

When we were in Edinburgh a couple of years ago just about everything in pubs seemed to come with Haggis. I mean haggis as a starter, sausage, mash peas and haggis, mixed grill with haggis, haggis pie. We didn't look at the desserts but I bet you could have haggis.

Also, on one trip into the centre on the train several people were necking cans of Tennents Lager - at 9 in the morning.
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