Anti-COVID sentiment

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Anti-COVID sentiment

Post by chaggle »

In the last few days I have come across three people opposed to COVID measures

One says - COVID precautions are 'lunacy' and 'state sponsored panic'

Another 'fascism justified by the illusion pandemic'

A third asserts the pandemic doesn't even exist.

That's Peter Hitchens, David Icke and Piers Corbyn. :fp

I'm not convinced TBH...
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con
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Re: Anti-COVID sentiment

Post by bindeweede »

There is no doubt that science is not perfect, which is why scientists the world over are always attempting to discover and understand more about our bodies, minds, planet, and cosmos. But when people refuse to accept or believe scientifically proven factual data because these interfere with their mind-set, we are indeed in deep trouble. ... al-reality
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Re: Anti-COVID sentiment

Post by Tony.Williams »

There is a serious debate to be held about striking an acceptable balance between suppressing Covid-19 (eliminating it being probably beyond reach) and sustaining the economy, i.e. the livelihoods of large numbers of people. I think that we will have to learn to "live with it" to some extent, which means scaling back some of the measures being taken.

The problem is that there is no sign of such a debate being held where it needs to be - in Parliament. Instead, the government keeps flip-flopping around, hopping from one position to another with no sense of any long-term strategy. It surely is a "world-beating" example of incompetence.
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