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That's Doctor of Osteopathy.

Trump's doctor is a DO.

Here Steven Novella explains the difference between a DO and an MD ... hat-is-it/

It includes this...
... I have not personally witnessed any difference [between DOs and MDs]. Mark Crislip also pointed out that DOs are using less and less osteopathic manipulation in their practice. This is a good thing, and hopefully it will eventually completely fade away. Essentially we need to distinguish between osteopathic medicine, which is mostly equivalent to standard medicine, and osteopathic manipulation, which is pure pseudoscience akin to straight chiropractic.

The fact that any individual physician is a DO rather than an MD really tells us nothing.
I think this is considerably different from the situation in the UK.

There's lots more - worth a read.
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con
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