Blue Light Blockers.

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Blue Light Blockers.

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Dr Harriet Hall writes on this latest trend.

"Glasses and other devices that block blue light have become very popular. You can even buy skin care products that block blue light. And after cataract surgery, you can get an intraocular lens that filters blue light (the rationale for this is based on cell culture and animal studies; a large systematic review of human studies recently showed no demonstrable differences in outcomes).The websites that sell blue-light-blocking devices tell us that blue light is bad for your health."
Conclusion: Mainly a gimmick, not supported by good science

The claims for blue light glasses and other products that reduce exposure to blue light are not based on credible evidence. They are good salesmanship, not good science. I can’t recommend them. But neither can I advise people not to try them. Any hazard is to your wallet, not to your health. They are probably safe, and who knows? They might invoke a placebo response that will make you think you feel better subjectively even when there are no objective improvements. Caveat emptor. I’m not buying.
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