Homeopathy in The Mail

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Homeopathy in The Mail

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The Mail (and all their commenters) are having a right go at our favourite woo therapy...

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... AFhLE3WvmM
Britain’s top homeopath is facing calls to resign after spreading dangerous anti-vaccine propaganda on social media.

Linda Wicks, chairman of the Society of Homeopaths, issued a grovelling apology last night after using Facebook to campaign on behalf of the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement.

She shared a series of bizarre petitions which falsely claimed that childhood jabs are unsafe, and called for The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – a government quango which licences vaccines – to be disbanded.
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Re: Homeopathy in The Mail

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Nice to see a red-top promoting scientific arguments rather than woo....

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