Psychic warfare

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Psychic warfare

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The Russian army has trained "psychic" special forces to use telepathy in combat, according to the country's defence ministry.

A report published in the official magazine of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Armeysky Sbornik (Army Digest), explains that fighters are taught to "defeat the enemy with non-contact methods" by training with dolphin
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But Yevgeny Aleksandrov, who chairs the Russian Academy of Science's committee for combating "false science", told Russian news outlet RBK that the parapsychological war tactics were "complete rubbish".
I believe Russians are very prone to strange beliefs. A friend of mine took a Russian bride some time ago. He says that she and her friends are into all sorts of strange stuff - pseudo medicine, mediums, weird food foibles (margarine is for fattening Turkeys) and so on.
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Re: Psychic warfare

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The Icelanders have some even more peculiar beliefs: ... es-or-else :shock:

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