"You can’t breathe through your stomach."

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"You can’t breathe through your stomach."

Post by bindeweede » Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:29 pm

Scott Gavura discusses the claims about GP8’s "Enhanced Solubility Water." It is claimed it "contains up to 400% as much dissolved oxygen as untreated water."
Conclusion: Snake oil, without the snake or the oil

Like homeopathy, which promises all the benefits of medicine without the actual medicine, or sports supplements that promise “drug free” enhancement of athleticism, oxygenated water promises a sports advantage with zero downside. If I didn’t examine the evidence, I could probably be convinced that oxygenated water might help me be a better athlete. Given it is water, what’s the harm? But it is when we are most desperate that we are at our most vulnerable. It’s hard to be objective, to ask for the evidence, and to critically appraise it. But that’s when it’s probably most important. As I am constantly reassuring myself these days, when we see the promise of a magical quick fix, we need to be extra skeptical.
https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/you-ca ... r-stomach/

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