"Lunar Cycle Effects Busted,"

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"Lunar Cycle Effects Busted,"

Post by bindeweede » Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:14 pm

Steven Novella on the so-called lunar effect. (This item could also be in the "Skepticism and Critical Thinking" forum.)
Belief in the so-called lunar effect, that the phases of the moon exert an influence on human behavior with the most common element being a full-moon inducing extreme behavior, is very common. In my experience it is one of the most common pseudoscientific beliefs I encounter in the general public. One survey indicates that 43% of adults believe in the lunar effect, especially mental health professionals, including nurses.
http://theness.com/neurologicablog/inde ... #more-7741

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Re: "Lunar Cycle Effects Busted,"

Post by chaggle » Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:15 pm

... and not for the first time.

I know an ex RUC policeman who is completely convinced that this effect is real. Prisons and police stations expect more trouble on a full moon and are manned accordingly (he might well be right about that of course).

Just no point in discussing it - instant appeal to authority (his) at any mention of 'evidence' or ''studies show...'.

He is a firm believer in TCM as well.
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Re: "Lunar Cycle Effects Busted,"

Post by Tinkerbell » Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:15 pm

It can change animal behaviour though, can't it?
European badgers tend to raise their leg up when they pee more often during the new moon (when the moon is between the Earth and sun so the side facing us receives no direct sunlight) than the full moon, researchers have found.
http://www.livescience.com/37928-ways-t ... imals.html
It's useful to know that about badgers.... :D

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