Why can't "healers" heal themselves?

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Why can't "healers" heal themselves?

Post by bindeweede » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:33 pm

Benny Hinn has was in the Intensive Care Unit this weekend. The healing evangelist suffered from shortness of breath and doctors admitted him to an Orange County, California hospital for treatment after returning exhausted from a weeklong crusade in Brazil, Charisma News has learned. However, Hinn says doctors say he'll make a full recovery.
No rational explanation expected. Well, religion is involved!

http://www.charismanews.com/us/48860-be ... ted-issues

Dubious Dick
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Re: Why can't "healers" heal themselves?

Post by Dubious Dick » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:34 pm

Hinn is one of the most revolting and despicable conmen out there. Have said elsewhere that it would be a shame if he died before he can be prosecuted for fraud, although perhaps that is a forlorn hope given his base in the U.S. where just about anyone can claim a religious basis for what they do and get away with the most obvious scams as a result. If moronism and scientology can gain traction, money and legal protection, it is no surprise that someone waving their expensive suit jacket at people can be seen as a healer.

It is truly depressing that someone like Hinn can build such a vast fortune. In cases like his one has to replace the word 'faith' with 'gullibility'. David Colquoun is quoted elsewhere as saying that he had an office cleaner once who he discovered was giving money to Hinn. When DC pointed out that Hinn was much richer than the cleaner, and probably didn't need the money, the cleaner responded that Hinn was doing the lords work......

There is a back history that Hinn was talent spotted in Canada by a mentor who went on to train him up from mere evangelical christian, into full scale showconman.

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