Spooky Train Story

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Spooky Train Story

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Here's a spooky story
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrawby_Ju ... locomotive
The incident was later given a stranger twist by the claim that the locomotive involved had been re-numbered in order to prevent a psychic's premonition that a locomotive numbered 47216 would be involved in a fatal accident.[2] The freight train locomotive, No. 47299, had been renumbered from its previous designation of 47216 two years earlier, causing some confusion in rail enthusiast circles, as locomotives were only usually renumbered when some major mechanical alteration had been made to them, which was not the case.[3] A British Rail source described the issue as "an amazing coincidence".[4]
And the most detailed account I can find.

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Re: Spooky Train Story

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It's obvious.

Just add up the first three digits = 13 - it would make no difference what the last two were. :roll:

Or - add up the first two = 11 - subtract the third = 9 - and turn the whole lot up side down - 666. :shock:
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con

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