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What's it all about?

Here in Weston-super-Mare we get many (dozens of) visits per year and camps are set up in parks, school playing fields, the Beach Lawns and many other parcels of land both public and private.

If you or I did what they did (parking on playing fields having broken the locks for instance) we would soon find ourselves in trouble but they are allowed to stay with seeming impunity.

The mess they leave is astonishing piles of litter and piles of human faeces complete with paper.

Last year they camped on some municipal playing fields for days - driving 4X4s around chewing up the playing surfaces.

Yet nothing was done about it until a few hundred townsfolk got together and silently and peacefully demonstrated at the site.

The police then responded - by threatening to arrest the townsfolk.

I don't understand.
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con

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Re: Travellers

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Me neither. It's not as if they're likely to vote, after all... :con

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