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Calum's List

Post by Ketchup » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:32 pm

If you haven't heard of Calum's List, please read about it here: ... -list#4821

This issue is still at large, and the Petition is still active - and needs more signatures. (So far 6,195 of 7,000 signatures)

You can still sign the Petition here: PETITION: Stop The Welfare Reform Death Scandal!

A reminder of what it is all about:
Calum’s List
Welfare Reform Deaths – Memorial Pages

"We know of these 60 people from their friends and/or family contacting this website.
The UK figure is nearer 4,000 but could be as high as 81,140 welfare reform deaths
click here for evidence and official statistics.

The flawed Work Capability Assessment is causing 32 unnecessary deaths a week by forcing the long term sick and disabled into work or work-related activity. It is also causing untold misery and fear for the country's most vulnerable. We call for its cessation now and to be replaced by a more holistic and humane system.

Why is this important?

We want justice for all those who've died as a result of harsh Welfare Reforms and who are listed on Calum's List and Peter's List, each with their own heart-breaking story. Human beings who had disabling and life-threatening conditions and had to live their last days or weeks in fear and harassment of having their entitlements withdrawn. Yes, entitlements, because every human being in a civilized society is entitled to financial security and having their needs met."

Calum's list:
Peter's List:
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