The Brexit Party

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The Brexit Party

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Smug wankstain Farage launched his new party by encouraging his supporters to commit criminal offenses against MPs and then resigned as leader.

But social media seem more interested in two of his fans: ... rt-brexit/

I'd like to know more about them. People are making lots of assumptions and joining in the abuse without any actual facts.
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Re: The Brexit Party

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There are any number of Brits living in Spain who are ardent supporters of Brexit.

No - they haven't thought it through but only in the same way as hardly any Brexit supporters have.

It is unlikely that their lifestyle will change much TBH provided they are fully registered as resident and tax resident. Many are pensioners and their healthcare is paid for by the UK government - I think it's about £4000 per year lump sum which is less than it would cost if they were living in the UK. The Spanish government are saying that aside from some relatively straightforward registration requirements their rights will be maintained. As always there will be many little things which haven't been thought of - pet passports - things like that.

People who would be affected are 'swallows' and other transients who will not find it easy to stay longer than three months, and those living under the radar - there were many thousands of waiters and builders at one time but maybe fewer nowadays.

It will also probably become more difficult to become a Spanish resident from now on if you're not one already.

Most of them are dependent for income on UK investments and pensions so their financial wellbeing is tied to that of the UK and, of course, the value of sterling.

I know a few Brexiteer expats myself and they are the usual braying assholes that they are over here. Most are remainers of course - some bloody angry and giving the Brexiteers hell, and others just doing their best to quietly get on with their lives.

Anyway - it might not even happen.
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con

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