Boris Johnson.

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Re: Boris Johnson.

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Don't know if anyone caught the Jennifer Arcuri interview on GMB this morning.

Morgan was just about bearable so I gritted my teeth and watched it.

Lots of probing questions about improper financial issues and the like which she mostly fielded.

The big one was the affair with Boris - a question she was asked about several times and every time she ducked it - complaining that just because she looks good and is successful doesn't mean people should think she shagged her way to the top and to be asked is somewhat insulting - that sort of thing.

Of course it doesn't matter anyway whether they did or not.

But they did - for sure.
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con

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Re: Boris Johnson.

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bindeweede wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 5:42 pm
Returning to the Marcus Ball case. Yesterday, he announced that his Crowdfunder appeal was suspended for the time being, having reached £456,153 of the £500,000 target, and he added, "I've encountered a serious problem. Please await news."

And no news yet, as far as I know.
On October 8th Marcus published a video telling his supporters the bad news that many expected. His legal team has advised that his case against Johnson cannot go back to court. The High Court's decision to close down and block the case going to the Supreme Court has killed it. His company is going insolvent and he is likely to be declared bankrupt. More details to follow.

A sad end to a courageous campaign, though several legal experts advised it would be unlikely to succeed.

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