Women on TV

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Women on TV

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I was watching a Horizon programme on human origins (very interesting, by the way) and for some reason started wondering what women from a century ago would have made of it. Not the programme or the technology, but the people. The programme presenter and at least half of the academics talking about their work were women, and they were all very casually turned out: loose hair, and mostly wearing genderless and rather scruffy clothes. The contrast with formally-dressed, immaculately-coiffured middle-class ladies from the pre-WW1 era could hardly have been more dramatic.

I wonder what those women would have thought: delight that women were now clearly on equal terms with men, and/or horror at the sight of such unfeminine ragamuffins? It did make me smile to reflect on how far some aspects of society have changed over the last century, and women a lot more than men, I think.
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Re: Women on TV

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Some years ago (20 or more) I noticed that many - seemingly the majority - of TV presenters (news/weather/links - all sorts) were women and many of those were black. I don't know why it should be but television seems to have promoted this new equality.
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