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I just about managed to finish watching the third episode of this French drama in BBC4's "Euro-crime" slot - Saturday 9pm. Apparently, it's the 7th series, although I can only remember one other. Whether that is a comment on my memory or the series, others should decide, but I really don't think I'll be sticking with it through 9 more one-hour episodes. For me, an awful lot of talking and not enough plot-development.

Inevitable that some series will be better than others, but I do miss the many good Scandinavian series of a few years ago.
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Re: "Spiral"

Post by Tony.Williams »

The was a brilliant French political drama a couple of years ago, which went into three series. It was called "Spin" when transmitted in the UK but the French title meant something like "men in the shadows". It was focused on a political spin doctor managing campaigns for the French presidency. It was serious, not a "thick of it" satire, and addictive watching.
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