Flat Earthers take heart!

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Flat Earthers take heart!

Post by Tony.Williams » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:15 am

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/hey-everyo ... 37229.html
When you are Kyrie Irving, you have handles like nobody on the planet and you made one of the most famous shots in basketball history to win Cleveland’s first NBA championship, seemingly by divine intervention, it’s understandable why you might have a different view of the world than everyone else.

We learned just how different Irving’s perspective is during his appearance on the Road Trippin’ podcast, hosted by teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, along with Fox Sports Ohio’s Allie Clifton. A wide-ranging interview that began with a discussion on hotel aliases and childbirth quickly turned to aliens and conspiracy theories, at which point we discovered Irving believes the Earth is flat.

I don’t know how many flights Irving has taken as a professional basketball player. I’m sure it’s a lot. But I guess he’s never seen the curvature of the Earth. I’m not sure why he thinks he plays NBA games in different time zones, but I now know that he doesn’t believe it’s because the globe is rotating.

Irving touched on several conspiracy theories — some not so wild, like his belief that “there are extraterrestrial beings that exist in the universe,” and some definitely wild ones, like his position that the CIA assassinated Bob Marley because “he tried to bring people together and the fact that it was fundamentally built on love and truth and we kill people for doing the right thing like that” — but things really got interesting when he unveiled his flat-Earth theory.

After Jefferson and Frye agreed the Earth is a sphere, because they are sane human beings, Irving said, “The Earth is flat,” and then repeated it three times. Insinuating that much of our education is a farce that needs to be independently researched on the internet, Irving launched into a series of truly amazing diatribes, all of which were interrupted by Jefferson or Frye before he could finish his point.

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